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FLASH™ Sports Physical Therapy Patients:

steve_h“During 2011, I suffered several running-related injuries such as a tibial stress fracture and Achilles tendonitis due to overuse and/or biomechanical issues. As part of the diagnosis and treatment, I initially consulted with an orthopaedic surgeon. Based upon the information I had at my disposal, I thought this was the “best source” for getting back on my feet and running. Unfortunately, the orthopaedic surgeon was unsuccessful at 1) listening to my pains, 2) properly diagnosing the injuries, 2) helping to mitigate any future setbacks, and 4) designing a strategy to recover from injury and back to run training. Personally, one of my biggest complaints with “traditional physicians” is that many of them do not allocate time to listen to your challenges and have already diagnosed the injury before they even step into the patient room.

When I began seeing Dr. Bair at FLASH Sports PT, he listened to my “injury story” and asked all of the right questions to ensure he understood the full history and extent of the pain prior to diagnosing the injury and defining a treatment program. Dr. Bair created a personalized plan that was defined in comprehensive phases to ensure that we not only treated the short-term injury, but also laid out a long-term strategy for future injury prevention. Dr. Bair proactively followed up and monitored my progress throughout the entire process. During the follow-up visits and discussions, Dr. Bair extended the recovery plan based upon my progress. His personalized approach was instrumental in helping me recover from the injury.

I can honestly say that I credit Dr. Bair with helping me overcome my injuries and enable me to successfully run without pain. I will be running a marathon soon and could not have done it without Dr. Bair.”

– Steve H, West Chester, PA


“I can’t recommend Dr. J. Ryan Bair at FLASH PT highly enough. I’m a 71-year-old runner who has been dealing with a chronic calf injury for over 25 years. I was feeling that maybe it was time to stop running. Through Ryan’s encouragement, listening, and patient approach to treatment, I am running again three days per week. Together we designed a specific set of calf massage techniques and exercises that I do daily. I now have hope for many more years of running. Thanks, Ryan!”

– Dave H, West Chester, PA


“FLASH Sports PT is a comprehensive physical therapy office geared toward healing running injuries and providing insight toward making improvements to be a stronger, more well-balanced runner. Ryan’s training and racing experience brings a perspective to his physical therapy treatments that is unmatched in other therapists I’ve seen. After more than six months of dealing with a hamstring and glute injury, I found Ryan’s clinic and have finally also found relief. He did a gait analysis first and a thorough evaluation of my condition. His manual therapies and home exercise prescriptions were personalized, comprehensive, and effective. He checked in with me via e-mail between visits to follow-up and make adjustments as necessary. My injury has improved dramatically since I’ve been seeing him, and I feel like I have the tools and knowledge to prevent it from recurring. I feel like a much stronger, faster, and happier runner. I highly recommend FLASH Sports PT.”

– Jen G, West Chester, PA


“I have been running for 30 years, have experienced many running injuries, and have seen many orthopedic doctors and physical therapists over the years. In 2012, after struggling with Achillies tendonitis for four months, I went to see Dr. Bair at FLASH PT on the advice of some of my fellow runners. Dr. Bair listened carefully to my problem, and after some analysis, he was able to determine that my Achilles pain was actually referred pain from my calf muscles. He successfully treated my calf muscles, and my Achilles pain was gone after five treatment sessions. During the treatment sessions, Dr. Bair spent the whole hour working with me. This was a nice surprise because other physical therapists I have seen in the past spent very little time with me and left me waiting around while they treated other patients.

More recently, while I was in the midst of training for the Boston Marathon, I started having some knee pain, so I went back to Dr. Bair. After again carefully listening to the circumstances of how my injury started and asking questions about my knee pain, he diagnosed my injury as quadricep tendinitis. While being treated by Dr. Bair, I was able to continue my marathon training and alleviate my knee pain at the same. In addition to the treatment sessions at FLASH PT, Dr. Bair put together an excellent at-home exercise plan that focused on strengthening the weak areas to prevent the injury from occurring again in the future. After being treated by Dr. Bair and following his at-home treatment plan, I was able to complete all of my marathon training and run the marathon pain-free, running 8 minutes faster than my previous marathon time!

I’m hoping to run injury free for awhile now with the help of Dr. Bair’s at-home strengthening program, but if an injury does arise, I am confident that a few treatment sessions at FLASH PT will get me back on track.”

– Marcie H, West Chester, PA


“I was referred to Dr. J. Ryan Bair at FLASH Sports Physical Therapy in August for help with gait training. I had undergone surgery for a Total Ankle Replacement (Arthroplasty) in January, and my initial physical therapy had helped me to build up the muscles that had atrophied post-surgically, to regain largely the range of motion in the ankle, and to re-learn how to walk. My gait at this stage was still labored and slow, and I could feel it negatively affecting my back.

The first thing Dr. Bair did was listen. He listened well, asked relevant questions, and painstakingly watched me walking. He observed that, because I was so intent on the mechanics of my ankle in walking, I was not involving my arms. This was a huge breakthrough. When I began to swing my arms, it helped to propel me forward and my total walking technique became more natural and loose. My walking ease, confidence and speed improved dramatically. I am very grateful to Dr. Bair for helping me regain a more natural gait. I can once again enjoy walking for leisure.”

– Joan C, Chester County, PA


“Over the past several years I have suffered from several tibial stress fractures and stress reactions. I LOVE to run, but running was becoming very frustrating because every time I felt like I was getting fit I got hurt and had to take several weeks off from the sport.

Ryan took the time to listen to my long injury history and ask me a bunch of questions so that he fully understood my injury and also my future running goals. Ryan analyzed my gait using the Dartfish software and determined that I was running in the wrong shoes and that I had some biomechanical issues. Ryan recommended a variety of different exercises and drills to help me strengthen my areas of weakness. While working with Ryan I always felt like I had 100% of his attention and that he was truly invested in my recovery. Also, in between appointments, Ryan would check in with me via e-mail to make sure everything was going well. Since working with Ryan I have run a marathon, several 5ks, and a bunch of triathlons — all pain free!! I truly appreciate all the time Ryan put into my treatment, and I know I am still up and running because of his help.”

– Danielle B, West Chester, PA


“During a routine Sunday run in early January, I experienced a sharp pain in my right hamstring about nine miles into my run. I immediately stopped and walked back to the car hoping it was just a cramp or tightness. After a few days of rest the pain continued to persist, so on the advice of friends in the WCRC, I paid a visit to Dr. Bair at FLASH PT.

After a few minutes with Dr. Bair, he was immediately able to diagnose the injury as an acute strain to the hamstring and began planning an aggressive rehabilitation plan that would have me running again in only a few days. Much to my surprise the leg began to feel much better after following his regimented plan of a combination of leg strengthening exercises, easy running, foam rolling, and stretching. Within a two week period I was back on the road increasing my mileage and intensity daily.

The exercises and routines that Dr. Bair gave me for the injury are now part of my daily/weekly routine, and I am happy to say I completed the Caesar Rodney 13.1 Half Marathon on 3/17 in under 1:30 (44 seconds off my PR set in 1994). The difference between Dr. Bair and other physical therapists is his ability to listen to the patient and recommend practical exercises and drills that focus on increasing the strength in the weak spots that caused the injury in the first place. If you are injured (or have a nagging injuring), I highly recommend a visit to FLASH PT for some practical advice.”

– Terry M, Glen Mills, PA


“Last fall I decided I was going to compete in a sprint triathlon in September 2013. I realized my biggest problem would be running. I hadn’t run seriously for more than 20 years since running track in high school. Running had always come easily to me but sustaining several injuries to my ankle and quadriceps without proper rehabilitation made it difficult to run without pain. I decided I should see a physical therapist prior to beginning to train in hopes of rehabilitating old injuries while preventing future injuries.

I found FLASH PT on the internet and thought it seemed like the perfect fit for my needs. The strength, flexibility and running gait video analysis proved very valuable. Ryan was able to personalize a rehab program specifically for me, and I have made continuous improvements ever since beginning the program. Ryan also made modifications to my program as needed depending on my progression. Since beginning to work with Ryan at FLASH PT, I’ve gone from running five minutes and having to stop due to ankle pain to running up to 20 minutes, and I continue to make improvements with my training. As a result, I am confident I will be able to successfully compete in the triathlon come Fall 2013.”

– Rob A, Downingtown, PA


“Dr. Ryan Bair of FLASH PT is an outstanding physical therapist. It is hard to find a PT who makes the choice to provide 1:1 [one-on-one] treatment. He is knowledgeable, confident, and provides a summary of the visit with follow-up instructions. He does not participate with insurance [as an in-network provider] but will provide a receipt with required information [to submit for possible out-of-network reimbursement]. Normally, I would hesitate to go to an out-of-network provider, but the care that Dr. Bair provides is many levels above what I have received with in-network providers. I appreciate the respect for my time and his attentive and thorough approach. Highly recommend.”

– Theresa S, Downingtown, PA


“Going to FLASH Sports Physical Therapy was truly a phenomenal experience. Dr. Bair was an excellent physical therapist to work with. It was always a pleasure to see him when I walked in. He did a great job helping me with my injury. I am now injury-free and back to running. He immediately had an injury diagnosis in the first appointment. The exercises that he gave to me to do were very helpful. I could tell that they were helping right away. He also did an analysis of my running stride. Not only did I think it was very intriguing but from that he also gave me some pointers on how to enhance my running stride and make it more efficient. Overall, I had an astonishing experience at FLASH Sports Physical Therapy, and I highly recommend it.”

– Nate M, Downingtown, PA


“Two days after running a PR in a 5K race, I injured my left hamstring during a track workout. With only 10 days until my next planned race, a 10K, I went to see Ryan at FLASH Sports Physical Therapy. In 10 days time, thanks to Ryan’s in-office treatment, home exercise routine, and running protocol, I was able to race the 10K and finish with a significant PR while setting myself up to continue racing into the fall months. It’s nice to be able to rely on someone who understands the desire to get back to running quickly while at the same time managing my expectations in the event recovery took longer than expected.”

– Jim M, West Chester, PA


“I have been a varsity cross country and distance track runner for about seven years. Fortunately, I never had any major injuries or accidents, just typical soreness and a twisted ankle here and there. When I started my college career at West Chester University in 2011, I decided to run for the university. I had a decent season for a freshman in college but unfortunately developed plantar fasciitis in both of my feet late in the cross country season. My coach, athletic trainer, and I tried to modify my workouts and handle the injury in the smartest way possible. I ended up having to take the track seasons off to try to get rid of this injury. It temporarily went away but returned during summer training and made my second cross country season at WCU difficult and painful. After having to take off the winter track season again, I decided to seek alternative help. One of my teammates at the time was doing an internship with Dr. J. Ryan Bair at FLASH PT and had recommended that I seek his care. By late April 2013 I began working with Dr. Bair, hoping I would finally be successful in overcoming this injury I had battled so long.

Dr. Bair started with a running gait analysis/video, which helped us to identify the source of my injury. From there, Dr. Bair created a personal rehab program with different strengthening exercises. He also guided my workouts/training and did some hand-on treatment in the office. When I first came to Dr. Bair, I couldn’t even run five minutes without having to stop because of pain. Over the past few weeks I’ve increased my runs to 60, even 75 minutes with minimal, tolerable pain. Needless to say, after seeing Dr. Bair for 10 sessions over four months, I graduated from physical therapy! Chronic injuries can be very stressful and discouraging, but Dr. Bair really helped me to get back into running with minimal pain again. I’m excited to see what I will be able to do with this year’s cross country season. Thank you, Dr. Bair!”

– Trish E, Hatboro, PA



FLASH™ Running Clinic Clients:

“I had a great experience at FLASH Sports PT! I’ve been a runner for about 8 years now, so I chose the Bronze Package. Ryan was very knowledgeable and showed me a few exercises I could do to improve my running efficiency. The most helpful part of the session was the analysis of my running form using the Dartfish software. I’m looking forward to implementing some of his recommendations and coming back to measure my improvement. Thanks again, Ryan!”

FLASH Running Clinic Brochure

FLASH™ Running Clinic Brochure

– Tim S, Lancaster, PA


“I attended the FLASH Running Clinic conducted by Ryan Bair at FLASH Sports Physical Therapy and Performance Center, LLC about six weeks ago. I have been running for about 5 years and have had minor injuries throughout. The FLASH Running Clinic afforded me the opportunity for a Residency-Trained Sports Physical Therapist to conduct a high-speed gait video analysis. Based on this gait video analysis, Ryan was able to identify imbalances in my running pattern. After identifying these imbalances, he provided me with specific exercises to address my deficiencies. After having done the exercises for about a month and concentrating on my deficiencies, not only do I feel better but I have obtained several of my personal best times in two recent half-marathons. In addition to feeling better, my recent successes are wholly attributable to the personalized program prepared by Ryan for me.”

– Peter C, Wilmington, DE


“My 10-year-old son is a competitive athlete (soccer), but I noticed that his running pattern was a bit off, particularly his arm swing. As a PT myself, I know how important it is to correct any muscle imbalance and/or inefficient movement pattern in order to prevent injury. So after doing some research, I came across Dr. Bair’s website, and seeing that he specializes in sports physical therapy and runners in particular (which is not my area of expertise), I decided to make an appointment for my son.

I found Dr. Bair to be extremely knowledgeable and efficient, and he was quick to develop a rapport with my son. My son’s initial evaluation was thorough and included a video running analysis utilizing Dartfish software. During this visit, Dr. Bair was able to quickly uncover the dysfunction, weak and tight hip muscles, and provide a comprehensive home exercise program that focused on strengthening, flexibility, and body mechanics. I purchased the Bronze Package and a follow-up sports performance package (five 30-minute sessions), and over the next couple of months, my son’s sessions with Dr. Bair took place in an outdoor setting in order to replicate my son’s sport-specific playing field. The outdoor setting was not only productive, but also fun for my son. In addition, Dr. Bair continued to modify my son’s home exercise regimen.

By the final session, my son was stronger, faster, and more flexible, and with Dartfish, we could easily see that his body mechanics, especially when running at top speed, were much improved. That visual had a huge impact on my son, and as a result, he has continued to follow the final home exercise program without any prodding from me. I am confident that the work done with Dr. Bair will greatly reduce the risk of injury now and in the future. I highly recommend Dr. Bair as he is an expert in sports physical therapy.”

– Jennifer Z, West Chester, PA