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Our Approach

Running-Gait-Retraining-2bAre you tired of being passed from one health care provider to another in a fast-paced, overcrowded clinic? Do you wish you could spend more ONE-ON-ONE time with a physical therapist? At FLASH PT, we understand your desire for more personalized attention. Nothing is more satisfying for both patient and physical therapist than to be able to spend an hour working together without any interruptions. Not only is such ONE-ON-ONE care satisfying, but it is also the most effective method for accelerating your recovery as a physically active individual. More quality time per visit = fewer visits = faster recovery for most injuries! The considerable time available allows us to provide you with sport-specific bio mechanical analysis, manual therapy, and patient education at a level typically experienced only by professional athletes. We guarantee that you will spend the entire duration of your time at FLASH PT working ONE-ON-ONE with a sports physical therapist, not an assistant or aide!