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Personalized Coaching

Coaching with Dr. Ryan & Olympian Brian


Personalized Running Coaching



– Personalized coaching with either Dr. Ryan or Olympian Brian!

– Customized WEEKLY training schedule for your goal running event on Final Surge, an interactive online training log (can upload workouts straight from your Garmin device!)

– Unlimited phone, e-mail, and Final Surge interaction with your coach

– Running injury consultations + specific guidance provided by Dr. Ryan via phone to nip that ache or pain in the bud before it interferes with your training!

– Phone conversations with Brian Sell to discuss individualized training and racing strategies to help you reach your goals and full potential!

– 10% discount on Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation and Treatment Sessions

– Exclusive tech short-sleeve shirt made for racing — available only to FLASH Athletes coached by Dr. Ryan and Brian Sell!


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