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FLASH Running Clinic Brochure

FLASH™ Running Clinic Brochure

FLASH™ Sports Physical Therapy and Performance Center, LLC provides physically active individuals in Chester County, PA and surrounding areas with quality therapy services to enable them to reach their peak level of performance. At FLASH PT, we understand that nothing is more frustrating than being unable to participate in your favorite sport or activity. As a result, our #1 priority is to get you back in the game or race as quickly as possible. We utilize a combination of manual therapy, sport-specific exercise, and patient education to make this dream a reality in 3-5 SESSIONS TOTAL (on average). For our runners, we also offer the FLASH™ Running Clinic to assist you in reaching your potential.

At FLASH PT, get the initial relief and recovery you need NOW — without a physician prescription or referral for physical therapy! Both Dr. J. Ryan Bair and Dr. Kristen Graber are Direct Access certified in the State of Pennsylvania. Take your first step toward recovery by calling us at (610) 696-5076 to schedule your initial evaluation today! No one knows athletes better than FLASH PT!


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